segunda-feira, 1 de outubro de 2012

Outubro/2012: lançamentos internacionais

Dia 02:
Holly Starr – “Focus” – Save The City Records/Provident
StompTown Revival – “StompTown Revival EP” – Save The City Records/Provident
Bethel Church – “For The Sake of the World” – Integrity Music/Provident
Brenton Brown – “God My Rock” – Integrity Music/Provident
Carlos Whitaker – “Our Song” – Paradigm Collective/Provident
The Collingsworth Family – “Feels Like Christmas” – Stow Town Records/Provident
Cadence – “TBD” – Indie
Freddy Washington – “The Jesus Record” – Indie
One Sonic Society – “Live At The Tracking Room” – Essential Worship/Provident
Vineyard Worship – “This Is Your Kingdom Come Now” – Vineyard Music
Jeremy Vanderloop – “All Creation Sings” – Indie
Various – “The Best Worship Anthems in the World” – Integrity Music/Provident
Skylar and Kim Walker Smith – “Home” – Integrity

Dia 09:
Lincoln Brewster – “Joy to the World” – Integrity Music/Provident
Jason Gray – “Christmas Stories: Repeat The Sounding Joy” – Centricty Music/EMICMG
Hillsong – “We Have A Savior” – Hillsong Music/EMICMG
Mandisa – “It's Christmas (Christmas Angel Edition)” – Sparrow Records/EMICMG
Josh Wilson – “Noel” – Sparrow Records/EMICMG
Kyle Sherman – “Hear Me” – RayLynn Records
Anthony Burger – “The Christmas Collection” – Spring House/EMICMG
The Glorious Unseen – “Lovesick” – BEC Recordings/EMICMG
Kutless – “Believer (Christmas Edition)” – BEC Recordings/EMICMG
August Burns Red – “Sleddin' Hill, A Holiday Album” – Tooth & Nail Records/EMICMG
David Phelps – “Classic CD/DVD” – Spring House/EMICMG
Kenny Rogers – “Amazing Grace” – Spring House/EMICMG
Gateway Worship – “Forever Yours” – in:citte/EMICMG
North Point Live – “Here + Now” – North Point Music/EMICMG
Jonathan Thulin – “The White Room” – DREAM Records/EMICMG
Christ For The Nations – “Uncreated One” – Integrity Music/Provident
Brian Doerksen – “Ultimate Collection” – Integrity Music/Provident
Onward To Olympas – “Indicator” – Facedown Records/Provident
Southbound Fearing – “Bad Dreams & Melodies” – Victory Records/Provident
A Past Unknown – “Vainglory” – Victory Records/Provident
Inhale Exhale – “Movement” – Victory Records/Provident
Brandon Heath – “Blue Mountain” – Reunion Records/Provident
Renee Spearman – “Whoa to Wow” – Universal Music/EMICMG
Keith & Kristyn Getty – “Hymns For The Christian Life” – Getty Music/EMICMG
Texas In July – “Texas In July” – Equal Vision

Dia 16:
VeggieTales – “The League Of Incredible Vegetables DVD” – Big Idea/Word
Francesca Battistelli – “Christmas” – Fervent Records/Word
The Royal Royal – “The Royalty” – Paradigm Collective/Provident
FFH – “The Way We Worship” – FFH/Provident
Jamie Grace – “Christmas Together” – Gotee Records/Provident
Gordon Mote – “The Star Still Shines” – New Haven Records/Provident
Anberlin – “Vital” – Indie
Steven Curtis Chapman – “Joy” – Reunion/Chapman/Provident
God's Servant – “Simple Love” – Lamp Mode Recordings
Jackie Evancho – “Heavenly Christmas” – Columbia Records/Provident
Gungor – “A Creation Liturgy” – Brash Music/Word
George Moss – “It's Time” – Indie
Canon – “Loose Canon EP Volume 1” – Indie
Smalltown Poets – “Under The New Sun EP” – Indie
Various – “Do You Hear What I Hear: Songs Of...” – Benson Records/Provident
Various – “A Very Special Christmas: Bringing Peace On Earth” – Word Records/Word
Various – “Tis The Season To Be Gotee Too” – Gotee Records/Provident

Dia 22:
Playdough – “Writer Dye: Deux or Die” – Independent

Dia 23:
Newsboys – “Live in Concert: God's Not Dead” – Sparrow Records/EMICMG
Hillsong Chapel – “Forever Reign” – Hillsong/EMICMG
Hyland – “Finding Our Way” – BEC Recordings/EMICMG
Bebo Norman – “Lights Of Distant Cities” – BEC Recordings/EMICMG
Matt Redman – “Sing Like Never Before: The Essential Collection” – Sixstep Records/EMICMG
Julissa – “Metamorfosis” – Integrity Music/Provident
The Lee Boys – “Testify” – Evil Teen Records/Provident
Jackiem Joyner – “Church Boy” – Artistry Music/Provident
Submission Red – “Untamed Ones” – DREAM Records/EMICMG
Don Moen – “Christmas: A Season of Hope” – ICM/EMICMG
The Hoppers – “Count Me In” – Spring House/EMICMG
Cindy Cruse Ratcliff – “Twenty Three Live At Lakewood Church” – DREAM Records/EMICMG
Cindy-Leigh Boske – “My Genesis” – DREAM Records/EMICMG
Mario Brown – “Glory” – Universal Music/EMICMG
Ricky Skaggs – “A Skaggs Family Christmas V2” – Universal Music/EMICMG
One Worship – “One Worship V2” – DREAM Records/EMICMG
A Past Unknown – “Vainglory” – Victory Records/Provident
Further Seems Forever – “Penny Black” – Rise
Various – “WOW Gospel - The 90s” – WOW/EMICMG

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